Stain Refinishing


Refinishing a log home, deck, or cedar siding is a multi-step process. Using a quality product and taking the right approach to the job will enhance appearance and protect the wood. We start by using chemicals to strip existing stain. Using chemicals avoids any damage to the wood. We let the solution do the work making high water pressure unnecessary and avoiding wood damage.


These chemicals are not harmful to your plants. Before staining it is important to “buff” with a nylon wheel to get rid of any white fuzzy wood, water stains or any other imperfections. Stripping and buffing opens up all the pours in the wood to allow maximum penetration. Our preferred brand of stain is Structures. Structures three coat process for siding consists of two base coats and one coat of Recoater.


Base Coat penetrates and gives the wood color. Recoater is much thicker than Base Coat. It enhances the color, brings out the natural grain.

Although Structures is our preferred stain, we also use a lot of Sikkens and other high quality products. The approach to refinishing a deck is real similar to this log structure. After washing or stripping the deck we set all nails or screws and sand deck floor and rails. Sanding eliminates any splinters, rough wood, or white fuzzy wood.


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